3D Perspective in Workspace Design

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Aménagement espace tertiaire /Agencement bureau/ Aménagement d'accueil, salle de réunion salle de pause, Drôme, Ardèche, Rhône Alpes



The design of your workspace is very important because it must match your business needs and the general atmosphere of your workplace.

Our mission is to make sure the organisation and ergonomics of your workspace are at their best whilst being a welcoming space.


In the service industry, moving out, extensions and hiring  all require modifications of space. Thinking ahead allows you to see the new premises and solve the possible issues even before they arise. Offices, meeting room, staff room, changing room... everything needs to be thought out.





Your job is to design a building for the service industry. Modelling the offices of your clients in 3D beforehand will help you anticipate their expectations about your service and offer them extra assistance. BEclectic produce this design for you according to your plans.




Office furniture distributors:


Some projects deserve beautiful and realistic  renderings in order to support your proposal and seal the deal. My experience in the service industry will allow you to hand in convincing projects to your clients. Whether you already have your own design, or the whole project is to be conceived, I will use my skills for your service.




Layout optimisation, ergonomy of the office space and well being of your employees are all vital elements I will address during your moving or refurbishment. For you it will be the opportunity to really see what your project will look like once finalised and therefore make the right decisions. It will also give you the opportunity to see if the image and the corporate culture of your company are well represented.






La mission d'aménagement est au forfait, mais à titre indicatif, une prestation correspond en moyenne à 3% du montant du mobilier. Les devis sont gratuits.

Aménagement d'un plateau de bureaux
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