Space Design & Layout

Think interior and design for a project that look like you...

My skills in interior design and my passion for decoration are at your disposal. Collaborating with you, putting your ideas together and striving to elaborate classic and  atypical design is my passion.


Have you imagined the interior design of your project but are in need  of the plans and images to get a better idea ? BEclectic make your plans and 3D views.

Do you own a place, the layout of which needs to be rethought so it has the current modern conveniences? I'm here to accompany the conception of your project.


Are you the owner of an old house and unsure sure of what to do with it? I can suggest a fitting trend. 


In refurbishing, it is both challenging and exciting to make a space modern whilst preserving the heritage of the building itself. When thinking about the space available to you it is important to preserve the legacy with the past whilst creating the new. Keeping this in mind is vital for a succesful project. 



Services offered:

-Inventory of fixtures

-Basic pilot study

-Detailed pilot study

-2D/3D imagery


-consultatory house call