Home Staging and Real Estate Sale

Digital Home Staging

Home staging is about giving a new look to a product in order to depersonalise it, giving it an atmosphere that will please as many as possible. This exercise aims at stressing the advantages and qualities of this good.

Usually it involves refurbishment works. Even though it is common practice in anglo-saxon countries, with real results since the 70s, it remains unusual in France. Owners are not always ready to refurbish their house to give it more value. This is why Digital Home Staging can be the solution. Thanks to a virtual creation we offer a 3D photo-realistic view of what could be the house once re-decorated and re-designed. With Digital Home Staging we solve the problem of refurbishment cost, you save a considerable amount of money while presenting the perspectives and possibilities of your house. With no refurbishment, boost the sale and reduce the margin for negotiations.

The different steps?

Measurements and photo shoot: The first step of a 3D Home Staging is to choose which room to highlight in your ad. Once done please take pictures and measurements of the room and send them by email. (I can come to your place to do this for an extra charge depending on the distance).

Creation of the image: The whole project focuses on the information given and is adapted to the type of real estate and the potential buyers. The file is made of 2 different views (one of which from the same point of view as the provided picture).

All the artworks can be used on all the sales communication supports with a photo and mandatory mention "non-contractual design proposal" on all the 3D artworks. 


9€ (excluding taxe)/m2 (360€ excluding taxe for a room of 40m2)

I can come on site for the measurements, so do not hesitate to be in touch if needed.